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Avada WordPress Theme v7.8

Avada WordPress Theme v7.11 is the #1 selling WordPress theme on the market and has been continuously for 8+ years. 700,000+ beginners, professionals, agencies, businesses, and creatives trust Avada for total design freedom.

Choosing Avada is not only a mindset, but it is also a requirement if you intend to gain an edge over your competitors when creating your website. The best part is that you can design anything without having to touch a single line of code.

Avada’s flexible Advanced Options Network is brought to life with the Avada Drag & Drop visual editor, Header Builder, Layout Builder, and Footer Builder. Altogether, the Avada Website Builder is the ultimate web design toolkit for your workflow. Work fast and efficiently, knowing that you can design and create unlimited designs and layouts for your website projects.

As a team, and as proud as we are to be able to continue delivering an Avada experience that will always match your needs, we underpin our relentless pursuit of perfection by setting the marketplace standard with endless design possibilities, world-class professional support, and value-packed theme updates regularly.

The Avada Website Builder is the most natural and intuitive WordPress website-building experience available. Built according to strict WordPress, PHP, and accessibility standards, Avada is always ahead of the curve, giving you the peace of mind to move your projects forward with the knowledge that you have a passionate team to support you. Do not merely take our word for it; see why more than 27,000+ average 5-star reviews over more than 8+ years lead testament to just how passionate we are. We are all about building relationships for the long term.

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Top Features Of Avada WordPress Theme v7.11

Below we have highlighted some of Avada’s features! The list may be long, but so are the reasons to purchase Avada and join the most significant WordPress community out there!

  • Amazing Demo Avada Demos
  • Advanced Theme Options Network
  • Advanced Theme Options Network
  • Multiple Premium Slider Options
  • Intuitive Fusion Builder Live
  • Fusion Mega Menu
  • WooCommerce Compatible With Extensive Design Integration
  • Popular Plugin Design Integration
  • Unlimited Color & Styling Options
  • Advanced Portfolio Layout Options
  • Advanced Blog Layout Options
  • Custom Page Templates & Page Options Included
  • Advanced Responsive Image Management
  • Avada is Multi-Lingual/RTL Ready!
  • Includes 30+ languages
  • Advanced Typography Options!
  • Advanced Background Options
  • Wide & Boxed Layout Versions
  • Advanced Header Options
  • Advanced Page Title Bar
  • Form Plugin Options
  • Built-In Contact Form
  • Unlimited Single or Dual Sidebars
  • Beautifully designed Custom Widgets
  • Advanced Search Options
  • Side Navigation Page With Parent/Child Levels

What’s New In Avada Theme v7.11?

  • – NEW: Added a complete setup wizard to Avada, which guides you through the process of setting up a full site incl.
    registration, automatic plugin installation, colors, typography, layouts, and other content
    – NEW: Added notification (auto-reply) options to Avada Forms, so that you can easily send different emails to different recipients on form submission
    – NEW: Added option to Avada Studio to invert colors of the content
    – NEW: Added option to Avada Studio to apply local color and typography styles to the content (live preview available)
    – NEW: Added option to Avada Studio to import content either with images or placeholders
    – NEW: Added import button to the preview area of Avada Studio content for easier import
    – NEW: Added option to right-click menu in the live editor to easily invert colors of a Container using background color with a global color
    – NEW: Added reject all cookies buttons option to the privacy banner
    – NEW: System font stacks can now be chosen in all font selection fields
    – NEW: Extended the typography options in all suitable elements
    – NEW: Added Text Transform options into the combined global font options
    – NEW: Added option to trigger Off-Canvas when product gets added to cart and when an Avada form gets submitted
    – NEW: Added image aspect ratio feature to the Gallery element
    – NEW: Added object-fit option to Post Card Image element
    – NEW: Added option to pull posts from WooCommerce Featured Products in Post Cards element
    – NEW: Added element options to Post Cards element to style the load more button
    – NEW: Added custom icon option to change cart icon in WooCommerce Notices element
    – NEW: Avada WooCommerce swatch styles are now also being used in WooCommerce widgets
    – NEW: Added option to show variation prices in Woo Add To Cart element even if all variations share the same price
    – NEW: Added several new styling options to the FAQ element
    – NEW: Added option to easily activate support for uploading SVG files to the media library
    – NEW: Added HTML tag selection option to the Column element
    – NEW: Added reading time decimal precision option to the meta element
    – NEW: Added quick links to elements to easily edit related Post Cards, Menus, and Forms
    – NEW: Avada’s Edit Live Menu will now list all layouts used on a page with their names and types, including a direct link to the layout
    – NEW: Added language choice option to the Facebook Page element
    – NEW: Added WooCommerce Cart, Checkout, My Account, and Terms & Conditions page links to dynamic data
    – NEW: Added dynamic data options to the User Login element
    – PERFORMANCE: Added an option to choose the kind of security nonce you want to use in Avada Forms
    – PERFORMANCE: Added a global option to count post views, on page load, through AJAX or to disable it completely
    – IMPROVEMENT: Moved the color name to the first position in the global color definition
    – IMPROVEMENT: WooCommerce product search results will now also use the search layout if one is set
    – IMPROVEMENT: Layout Section titles are now available as HTML title attributes for easier readability
    – IMPROVEMENT: Term slugs are now available as HTML title attributes in Layout Conditions
    – IMPROVEMENT: Privacy consent options now also work when using the video facade option
    – IMPROVEMENT: Added better error reporting for prebuilt site import for easier debugging
    – IMPROVEMENT: Avada dashboard video iFrame now loads only on demand
    – IMPROVEMENT: Added better option grouping to the Toggle element
    – IMPROVEMENT: Made sure that custom sticky header is not initialized when using 100% height scrolling sections
    – IMPROVEMENT: Image focus point is now available, even if the image is retrieved from the dynamic data source
    – IMPROVEMENT: Change label/placeholder text in User Login element to Username or Email
    – IMPROVEMENT: Animated content will now fall back to being just auto-displayed if old browsers don’t support IntersectionOberver
    – IMPROVEMENT: “0” as string value is now allowed in the Avada Forms select field
    – IMPROVEMENT: Updated several option descriptions and dependencies for better usability
    – UPDATED: Compatibility with PHP 8.1
    – UPDATED: Compatibility with The Events Calendar 6.0 Beta
    – UPDATED: Global Options Favicon settings for modern devices and use cases
    – UPDATED: Several color options that did not have defaults
    – ACCESSIBILITY: Make next/prev arrows focusable in Image Carousel element
    – ACCESSIBILITY: Added focus trap to Off-Canvas for correct tab key progression
    – ACCESSIBILITY: Added role=” alert” to the Alert element
    – ACCESSIBILITY: Move the close button to the end of the Alert element for screen readers
    – ACCESSIBILITY: Added label to the Woo Cart Coupon element input
    – ACCESSIBILITY: Login field IDs are now unique when using multiple WooCommerce login boxes and different menus
    – COMPATIBILITY: Fixed scroll spy library issue with WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder plugin
    – COMPATIBILITY: Fixed issue with WP Hide & Security Enhancer when using the Combine Third Party CSS Files option
    – COMPATIBILITY: Removed changelog iFrame embed from Avada dashboard to fix issue with security rule on some hosts
    – COMPATIBILITY: Fixed WP Offload Media plugin throwing fatal error on activation when SVG media files are used
    – COMPATIBILITY: Fixed WooCommerce One Page Checkout plugin issue with Avada’s quantity boxes
    – COMPATIBILITY: The woo-commerce Catalog Enquiry plugin now works with the Woo Add To Cart element
    – COMPATIBILITY: Fixed Woo Notices Element when using the WooCommerce Payments plugin
    – COMPATIBILITY: Event Tickets Plus attendee registration incorrectly being shown in layout sections
    – FIXED: iFrame based privacy consent not working when using the lazy-loading option
    – FIXED: Lazy-loading scripts not being correctly loaded when only the iFrame Lazy Loading option is set to Avada
    – FIXED: Boxed mode shadow and framed scrolling not working correctly when being set in Global Options
    – FIXED: Global styles being applied to buttons when the Critical CSS option is used
    – FIXED: Global font backup font not always correctly being saved
    – FIXED: Color picker position not always being exact
    – FIXED: Social Sharing Box post title being double encoded in email subject
    – FIXED: Live search showing search results from other languages in the Search element when using Polylang
    – FIXED: Duplicate data-touch scroll attribute in Related Posts element
    – FIXED: Single portfolio pages being 404 in secondary languages when using WPML String Translation plugin
    – FIXED: Visiting a category page while using WPML causing a fatal error in very rare cases
    – FIXED: Avada Form submissions not working in secondary language when using WPML
    – FIXED: Timezone on events edit screen always being set to UTC+0 incorrectly
    – FIXED: Changing Include Context setting in title dynamic data not reflecting changes
    – FIXED: Calendar rendering being incorrect when using Events Calendar Pro tribe_mini_calendar shortcode
    – FIXED: Background color not being applied to custom icons in Social Links element when custom colors are chosen
    – FIXED: Incorrect home label being used in breadcrumbs on the blog page, when a dedicated blog page is set
    – FIXED: Sticky containers inside an Off-Canvas not being ignored in general offset calculation
    – FIXED: bbPress styling issues regarding pagination
    – FIXED: Global typography trigger missing from Button element in live editor
    – FIXED: Gravity Forms textareas not having the correct border width
    – FIXED: WooCommerce product quantity boxes being incorrectly styled when using Gravity Forms
    – FIXED: WooCommerce product variation label being incorrectly styled in latest WooCommerce version
    – FIXED: WooCommerce product search results page using incorrect page width
    – FIXED: WooCommerce product search results page being tied to the product loop being set on the shop page
    – FIXED: WooCommerce mini cart menu cart and checkout button colors are incorrect on focus state
    – FIXED: WooCommerce notices border size being incorrect
    – FIXED: Checkout continue button being incorrectly displayed when using the Woo Checkout Billing element
    – FIXED: Styling of Post Card element bein incorrect at times when using infinite scroll loading because of column ID collisions
    – FIXED: Slider layout of Post Cards element not working when used as part of Content Layout
    – FIXED: Post Card add to cart button missing hover style if left at default
    – FIXED: Rollover on Post Card Image element not being automatically triggered when product gets added to cart
    – FIXED: Post Card element animation firing for all elements after infinite scroll loading is completed
    – FIXED: Third level menu not expanding in Avada Vertical Menu Widget
    – FIXED: Menu element wrongly positioned in desktop mode when resizing from opened mobile menu
    – FIXED: Sliding bar menu icon being misaligned on mobile
    – FIXED: Mobile menu submenu open icon is logically reversed in Menu element
    – FIXED: Legacy menu center and right position not working
    – FIXED: Back-end builder not escaping HTML of child elements correctly
    – FIXED: Link to album in Flickr element resulting in 404
    – FIXED: Drag & drop of child elements in parent element option modal not working in back-end editor
    – FIXED: Some image caption effects in Image element having slight display issues in some cases
    – FIXED: Import of single pages from prebuilts not fully working
    – FIXED: FAQ element toggle +/- icons being logically reversed
    – FIXED: Menu First Level Style option not being hidden on second-level menu items
    – FIXED: Off Canvas “on click” triggers not working with legacy mobile menu
    – FIXED: Off Canvas special menu element trigger having wrong close icon size
    – FIXED: Off Canvas ignoring rules if default state option is set to open
    – FIXED: Toggle element not working correctly when used inside Off Canvas
    – FIXED: Custom color options missing from Tag Cloud element in back-end editor
    – FIXED: Duplicate variable definition in Tag Cloud element.
    – FIXED: Patcher not working correctly for the required plugins
    – FIXED: Alert element using Font Awesome icons, which can lead to missing icons if deactivated in Global Options
    – FIXED: Disable Emoji script option not disabling DNS prefetch
    – FIXED: Custom CSS on page level stripping slashes which can break the CSS output
    – FIXED: Global Options font search not working for all available fonts
    – FIXED: Flyout menu anchor link trying to close all flyouts on a page instead of just its parent
    – FIXED: Local time not correctly respected when using date dynamic data option
    – FIXED: Critical CSS being created for all posts of a CPT only being applied to latest post
    – FIXED: Lightbox video duplicated in some cases on portfolio posts when video is added through Page Options
    – FIXED: Media Slider element not having image srcset attribute set when lazy-loading is enabled
    – FIXED: Font count in Performance Wizard being incorrect in some cases
    – FIXED: Checklist element title names displaying incorrectly, when items get bulk added
    – FIXED: Fuse dependency missing for Performance Wizard
    – FIXED: Setting Container element background color in live editor also setting same color to any nested container
    – FIXED: Issue in Gallery element where you can’t update images when mixing back-end and live editor
    – FIXED: Layout condition for dedicated front-page not being used on back-end Page Options
    – FIXED: Submenu hover color preview not working in Menu element in live editor
    – FIXED: Button element hover color preview not working in live editor
    – FIXED: Blend mode being off in live editor
    – FIXED: Missing string sanitation causing CSS to break, if string translation for a language is incorrectly using newline char
    – FIXED: Side-header position being incorrect in live editor, after closing the main panel sidebar
    – FIXED: Droppable zones in live editor being visible in some cases when they should not be
    – FIXED: Avada Form entries export not working correctly when there are multiple fields with same label
    – FIXED: Avada Forms tooltip icon not using the form label text color
    – FIXED: Avada Forms border-radius Page Option reset and default not correctly displayed in live editor
    – FIXED: Avada Forms not live updating in live editor on form options import
    – FIXED: Column IDs of Post Card element not correct in live editor causing potential styling issues
    – FIXED: Responsive typography not correctly recalculated in Toggle element in live editor when changing options
    – FIXED: Undefined image size of Image element leading to JS error when trying to switch pages in live editor
    – FIXED: Element dependency map not fully live updating on live editor
    – FIXED: Changing global color not live updating the options using that color in live editor
    – FIXED: Invalid category not being unselectable in multi-select field in live editor
    – FIXED: Additional white space being displayed in Tooltip element trigger text in live editor
    – FIXED: Font name being malformatted in live editor if there are quotes in the font name
    – FIXED: Styling issue between Menu elements on option change in live editor, when several are on a single page
    – FIXED: Flickering tooltip of last color picker in an option tab making the color option unusable
    – FIXED: Google fonts family missing from elements imported through Avada Studio in live editor
    – FIXED: Sharing Box element icon font size and boxed padding not live updating in live editor
    – FIXED: A few JS checks incorrectly using undefined without quotes
    – FIXED: PHP warning regarding non-numeric value being encountered when base font size is set to a variable
    – FIXED: PHP warning on archive pages using a layout but not having posts
    – FIXED: PHP warning on checkout page when Woo Checkout Form element being used only once
  • NEW: Compatibility with WooCommerce 5.2.
  • PERFORMANCE: Changed display mode of Menu element to be mobile-first, based on PHP estimation, to reduce CLS.
  • PERFORMANCE: Added image dimension auto-calculation for SVG uploads.
  • PERFORMNCE: Added custom icon font CSS files to the CSS compiler.
  • IMPROVEMENT: WooCommerce products without featured images can now be shown in the Woo Product Grid element.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Added Avada’s element visibility options to the WooCommerce Cart elements.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Added support for dependency checks in the element scanner, in case some elements are part of other elements.
  • FIXED: Compatibility issue between WooCommerce builder and third-party SEO plugins, causing fatal errors on edit pages.
  • FIXED: WooCommerce list view being displayed incorrectly when using a Clean layout.
  • Some other minor bug fixes and improvements.

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