What is Website Niche And Brand name? Learn now

If you are new in Blogging? and want to create a new blog website, you have to must know about Website niche and Brand name. It is important for a newbie to learn it very first. Read the bellow text for learn it.

What is Website Niche?

website niche

Niche is a topic of a website content. where you will write allot of content on that niche. For example, if you love travelling and you travelled so many places in your country and across the world. It’s mean that you enjoy travelling. Now, if you wanna start a blog and start writing on travelling, it’s mean that you have already chosen a website niche, which is travelling.

In the same way, there can be so many niche like cooking, freezing, writing and so on. Now if you choose any from them, it will be website niche of your website. There are allot of thing which can be taken. Now you can start and wring on the content of your website niche. Learn more-

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What is Brand Name?

Brand Name
Brand name

You have chosen your website niche already. Now the second step is coming, which is Your Website Brand name. You have to check the Brand name availability. If you don’t know, what is brand name?

Okay Actually Brand name is a name of a Company or Organization. That name helps to recognize the company or Organization on mass people . Just like Microsoft, Apple, Intel, Huawei, Amazon etc. These are all big company. Which is all known by the specific single word, I mean for brand name. So, it is called Brand name of a Company or website. Choosing a brand name is important For any Company.

If you are going to create a new blogging website or any, first choose niche of your blog, then think a brand name for your website for Marketing or branding.

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