What is Domain and Hosting of a Website? Learn Now

If want to create a website you mast know about Domain and Hosting of a website. If you don’t know what is actually Domain & Hosting Please Follow the bellow Text.

What is a Domain Name?

domain and hosting

Think how many website do you visit per day? it approximately 3 to 5 , it can be more in different person. You may visit Amajon, Clickbank to purchage any basic needs. You may visit Youtube to know news or entertain yourself. And you also browse Facebook & Twitter to connect people and use it to share your opinion on different topics and view. If you notice one thing, you will see, you are visiting that social media and website with a unique link. Notice Below Link.

Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/

Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/

Amajon Link: https://www.amajon.com/

See all that website has a unique Link or URL with .com extension, in combined which called Domain Name of a website. Mind it Domain name must be unique. It can’t be match with another website domain name. In earlier paragraph I describe about brand name like Apple, Microsoft. Which Company has a website and the website domain contain the keyword of main Brand name. For example, Aplle offitial website Link: https://www.apple.com/ Here you can see, the main keyword or Brand name Contain in the Domain name with .com extension. In that case, if I say specifically, The Company Brand name & The Domain name of a company Website is pretty much Same. But not the equal thing.

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What is Web Hosting?

domain and hosting
Web Hosting

In general, Hosting means to store something in a safe & secure places. Web hosting means to host or store the whole website in a storage, which called a web hosting servers. The web hosting server is a full online server which is 24/7 open, that’s why a person can visit your website all the time in day & night. Generally a website has allot of data like text, images, folders, videos and so many things. This all data is stored on the server. In short, where the all website information and data is stored in a server is called web hosting server. In the process the whole work is done is called web Hosting.

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