Realme Sold 50 million Phone’s in just two years

realme's growth rate

Realme’s Business Overview

China’s smartphone brand realme has sold over 50 million phones in just two years. This year realme has sold more than 30 million smartphones compared to the previous year. Which is actually 65 percent of their wholesale. According to the latest report realme has sold most smartphones in India after China.

Realme always gives the most attention in India because of the second largest smartphone user market in the world. That’s why From 2019 to 2020 present realme make most sale in India.

Also realme take the attention of other’s south Asian country like Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, and Pakistan’s smartphone users. In south Asia, realme make the most sale in Bangladesh & Pakistan after India.

Realme also take the attention of Europe’s Smartphone lovers. They make very good business in Europe also. Although they are quite back in Europe’s smartphone market compared to other’s brands like Apple and Samsung. Europe’s smartphone market is dominated by Apple, Samsung, Huawei & some local brands. They are still the king in the market. But really want to make some European standard smartphones for the European smartphone lover. They are determined to take the Control in Europe’s Market. Still, they have to go a long way to get the trash mark sale against some giant smartphone brand.

Now Realme has become the world’s largest smartphone brand in the world. And there are projected they will overtake Xiaomi & Huawei in next coming year on most smartphone sales.

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