How to create a website with wordpress in 2021

Create a website

There are so many cms in the market. But more than 33% of website made by WordPress. So I recommend you start your website journey with most popular cms wordpress. Now I’m going to explain you “How to create a website with wordpress in 2021.

I’m assuming that, you have already purchased website domain and hosting. If you did so, you can start working to create your website with wordpress. I’m gonna explain it here with some easy steps. So let’s do it.

If you don’t know, “What is Domain & Hosting? and How to Purchase Domain & Hosting? ” Then Follow The below Link To Know About it.

Know About–What is Domain & Hosting? and How to Purchase Domain & Hosting?

Read The Post & Know about it.

Install Wordpres on Cpanel:

softtaculous app installer

To install wordpress in cpanel, first login to cpanel of your website entering the user name & password providing by domain & hosting company. Then try to find out the Softaculous Apps Installer . Which is actually one click apps installer. It is really easy to use.

  1. Click on wordpress software Icon.
  2. Software Setup: From install option, you have to setup the software. Choose the version you want to install (version 5.5.1 is recommended). Then Choose Installation URL . If your website has SSL Certificate then select ‘HTTPS’. If not then select ‘HTTP’. You can choose wp as directory or you can remain it empty.
  3. Site Setting: Give a site name & site description.
  4. Admin Account: Give admin username & admin password for admin login. also give an email if you create.
  5. Choose language: English or any Language of your own.
  6. Select Plugin(s): You can select some plugins from here. Mark on the plugins which you want. If you not mark any of the plugins from there, then no problem. you can install the plugins after the wordpress installation.
  7. Advanced Options: From advance option you can Edit database name & Table prefix from there.
  8. Select theme: Select any theme from there or Skip the option.
  9. Then Click on the Install option.

Now wordpress website has been successfully installed in your hosting Cpanel.

Select a Theme & Design the Blog

To upload a theme in wordpress, you have first login to your wordpress website. To login to your website enter (“www.domain name. com/ wp-admin”) in serch box. Then login to your website by entering user name and password. Follow these easy steps for upload a theme in wordpress.

  1. Go to Appearance, then click on Theme.
  2. Now click on Add New and Search any theme name if you know before. If you don’t know Then click on Popular. Then click on Astra or OceanWP as theme.
  3. Click on Install button to get it in wordpress.
  4. Now you have to Customize and Design the theme. Design is a lengthy process. If you do not know, How to design a Theme. Then Go to youtube and Search (“Theme Name’ Theme Design For wordpress). Learn How to design and implement it in your website.
  5. Add new widgets and menus in your website.

Always be update on designing. Now you have complete to create a website.

Make content in your Blog

You may realize, you are doing all of these work only for blogging. In blogging content is only way to reach to visitors. So, if you wanna be good blogger, you must have to make quality blog post, that’s why you can reach to the exact visitors which actually you wanted. Give Focus to making good post.

make content

How to make content?

If you are new in wordpress , you can be face problem to making a new post. it is really natural. If you don’t know, how to make a new content or post. Then just follow the bellow steps to make post.

  1. Login to your wordpress account first.
  2. Then go to post option and click on add new.
  3. At first you have to write a title. Which is actually a Post Title.
  4. After that Start writing according to the Post Title.
  5. When you finished writing the post, then click on Publish to Publish to post.

Making Post is not so easy. There are also difficulties and obstacles. You have to find out these all and resolve it.

Once You publish the post, you must have to seo it for better google search result. So Do the SEO of your website.

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